Senior Software Developer


We offer a highly attractive work environment with a culture of open communication, transparent decision-making and quick results. We enable all team members to participate actively and to take over responsibility. We offer the opportunity for sustainable professional and personal development and to participate in the financial success of the company. You will be working on:

  • Develop new features for Frontend and Backend.
  • Maintain and extend our existing (tested) code base.
  • Write modular, scalable and testable Javascript, HTML, CSS and Python.
  • Identify and address performance bottlenecks.
  • Work closely together with other developers and UX/UI designers.


  • You have experience in HTML & CSS and dynamic languages such as PHP, Python, Ruby (we use Python & Javascript).
  • You have worked with a Javascript Framework (React, Backbone, Angular, Ember) before (we use React and some Angular).
  • You want to take responsibility and ownership for the products and software you produce.
  • You love to hack on new technologies (we’ve been using React before it was cool).
  • You have a deep technical understanding of web technologies, responsive design and RESTful/ GraphQL services.
  • Willing to work with Front- and Backend code (no worries, we have designers).


Send us your CV and tell us why you wanna be part of the team to: